Terms and Conditions

Riding horse in Bromo
  1. Validity.
    All information and price quotations are valid and correct at the time they were published, but subjects to change without notice until a booking has been confirmed.
  2. Booking.
    Your booking is confirmed once your deposit has been recorded into our bank account. We will confirm your booking by putting your name and the itinerary on our e-calendar. You may receive a notification of event from our calendar system afterward.
  3. Deposit and Payment.
    To confirm your booking, please deposit in advance the amount as indicated in your booking form. Payment can be transferred either to our Indonesian bank account or online secure payment gateway. ’Please note that Trip N Treat do not take any responsibility over the payment of bank or online payment fees resulting from the transfer of funds. Any such fees are your responsibility. You’re advised to consult with your bank regarding transfer fee to Indonesian bank account.
    We abide to the exchange rate as defined of the sending and receiving banks as well as the online payment service provider. Any remaining balance can be settled by cash (preferably IDR) on your arrival’.
  4. Change in Tour Itinerary.
    We will make any reasonable efforts to keep the overall tour package unchanged, however we still reserve the right to alter, amend, change or modify the tour package and itineraries before or during the tour. In the event of changing the itinerary, we will inform you promptly during the booking or prior to departure of the tour. If such changes occur during the tour, the tour leader will inform you on the spot. We would like to ask for your co-operation in accepting such circumstantial changes.
    Change in tour itinerary might occur due to unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond our control such as Force Majeure events, strikes, fairs, festivals, other public events, traffic, overbooking of accommodation, re-routing or cancellation of public transport, closure or restricted entry at a place of interest, weather condition.
  5. Accommodation.
    In the circumstance where booked or requested accommodation is not available, we will find an alternative in another accommodation of similar standard. It subjects to confirmation and availability. In case of similar type of accommodation is not available, you may get a discount accordingly.
  6. Special Requests.
    When booking your tour, please inform us if there are any special requests regarding special meals, dietary requirements, adjoining rooms, etc. Such requests subjects to confirmation and availability.
  7. Cancellation Policy.
    If in any case you really need to cancel your booking, please write us back and please note that we’ll be trying to persuade you to reschedule your trip. Basically we don’t want to charge you any cancellation fee. However, it may apply for individual service supplied by our partners or other third parties under their terms and conditions. If we have to refund your deposit, please allow us to process it within 3 months after your cancellation has been confirmed. That’s why we’d rather reschedule your trip than refund your deposit.
  8. Unused services.
    In the event of unforeseen circumstances or factors beyond our control incurs unused services, we will contact our partners and negotiate refund possibilities. The cancellation fee under terms and conditions of each service provider shall apply.
  9. Travel Documents.
    It is your responsibility to have a valid passport. Visa on arrival might be obtained by most international visitors and it will allow you to stay in Indonesia up to 30 days. You are responsible for complying with regulations passed by the Government of Indonesia. Cancellation fee shall apply for any cancellation due to non-approval of visa.
  10. Travel Insurance.
    We always assumed good things are happening to our trip. However, we would advise you to cover your trip in advance from your home country with cancellation insurance cost, luggage, accident, liability as well as health insurance.
  11. Limitation Liability.
    We shall not be liable for any costs, expenses or damages incurred or suffered by you, arising from any of the following events:
    • National or local emergency, acts or omissions of any government authorities or agencies, insurrection, civil disorder, war or military operations.
    • Industrial disputes of any kind, strikes, lock-outs, stoppage or restraint of labor.
    • Traffic congestion, vehicle breakdown, obstruction of any public/private road, highway, sea or air passage.
    • Accidents of any kind occuring during the guests independent activities.
    • Theft, robbery or lost property/luggage.
    • Food poisoning or isolation as a result of infectious diseases or any condition likely to endanger health or safety on tour members or impair their reasonable comfort.
    • Any cancellation or amendment or alternation of tour itinerary, hotel accommodation or tour services as a result of any of the unforeseen events or as a result of any decision, act or omission of our suppliers.

    If any of these inconvenience events occurred, stay calm because we are still here for you and striving to make your holidays an enjoyable moment.

  12. Health Requirements.
    Tour activities as mentioned in this itinerary is designed to suitable for people of all ages in good health and good fitness. Some tour activities will involve uphill walks for several kilometres on tracks in wilderness as well as mountainous area. If you have any concerns about your own capabilities to join a particular tour activities, please contact us and we can discuss it. It is your responsibility to inform us any medical or physical condition that you have which could create a risk for you or any other tour participants. We reserve the right to decline participation on any tour activity where an individual’s health and physical condition is deemed to be unsuitable for the activity undertaken.
  13. Acceptance of Risk.
    It is presumed that you have read and understood details for this tour package based on the information given by us which comprise the itinerary, accommodation list, type of transportation used, meals arrangement and what inclusions/exclusions within the tour. You should be aware that the standard of accommodation, transportation, safety, hygiene, cleanliness, medical facilities, telecommunication service and public facilities development may not be of the standard you are used to at home. Therefore, you should understand travelling with Trip N Treat may involve risks. By booking a tour with Trip N Treat, you accept these risks and you fully assume the risks of travel.

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