Happy New Year 2018!!!

Hendro showed books donation

Hendro showed books donation.

It’s ten minutes to ten in the morning. The first day in 2018. Office closed. Enjoy family time. Yet, a phone call was ringing. A new number appeared on Trip n Treat’s mobile.

To keeping TnT’s mobile makes me get used to see new numbers many times. Sometimes, it’s from insurance agency. In other timers, scammers tried to drain my account. The mobile service provider also called me regularly to tease me with the latest offer. When a luck turn on me, it’s a call from prospective guests. Just like the first morning in 2018.

I haven’t got any booking for the first day of 2018. A new number rang on TnT’s mobile. As usual, I greeted the person over there. He greeted me back and asked directly, “Do you organise tour to Ijen for tonight?”

Hurraaaayyyy… I got a call from a prospective guest, right on the first day of 2018. To be honest with you, I’d rather writing than speaking. That’s why I suggested him to continue our conversation over WhatsApp. I offered him a decent quotation for his family of four. Luckily, he didn’t bargain it all. We made a deal; Ijen Blue Flame Tour for 4 people departed after midnight on the 2nd of January 2018. When I asked his name, he said, “I’m Hendro.”

A booking from an Indonesian family to Kawah Ijen on the first day; I hope it’s a good sign for Trip N Treat to run this busines over 2018.

Hendro signed books donation

Hendro signed books donation in the hotel.

I have asked our local guide to take a picture of Hendro and his family, holding books donation, by the Ijen Crater after they finished the blue flame tour. We’ve prepared two children books. Unfortunately, the guide forgot this task. We asked Hendro to sign the books in the hotel. Then, we took a picture of him. His family members are tired after the trip and didn’t want to join the picture session.

Well, it’s a good move so far: 2 books on the first day of 2018. This year, Trip N Treat would like to raise 800 children new books and send them to 4 selected school libraries and independent library around Banyuwangi. We’re allocating some part of our small profit to buy children books. The cover page of these books will be signed by our guests. We will send the first 200 books to the first selected school in Banyuwangi and do it again every 200 books just collected. This is the resolution of Trip N Treat in 2018.

By booking a tour with Trip N Treat, you’re helping us to make it happens. By the way, we’ve been doing this since 2013 and have sent around 500 books to schools and independent libraries in Bali, Papua, Flores and West Java.

Last but not least, Happy New Year 2018!!! May our days ahead filled with health, happiness and a sufficient life.

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