Books Donation to Pohsanten Orphanage

Books Donation to Pohsanten Orphanage

Yorsi & Kynan handed over books donation to Mr. Ronny, the caretaker of Pohsanten Orphanage.

The Independence Day of Republic Indonesia is on the 17th of August. This year Trip N Treat celebrates the Independence Day by donating books to Pohsanten Orphanage.

One of the purposes to set up Trip N Treat is to support literacy development around Indonesia. That’s why we’d love to encourage our guests to join in books donation programme. This programme is delivered in partnership with KupuBuku, a charity that aims to develop school libraries.

In the beginning of this month, a friend told me about an orphanage near Negara in Bali. This orphanage needs books donation for their small library. She asked me whether it’s possible to donate some books to them. “For sure,” I replied her inquiry shortly, “it’s very possible to send books to the orphanage!”

On the sunny Independence Day, I visited the orphanage along with my wife and son. The orphanage is located in Pohsanten Village and named after the village: Panti Asuhan Pohsanten. It’s around 1.5 km away in the north of the main road from Gilimanuk to Denpasar. Being located on a hill (approx. 300 meters above sea level) and surrounded by greeneries, it has a mild temperature.

Books Donation to Pohsanten

A picture with Mr. Ronny in front of the orphanage.

We met Pak Ronny, the supervisor of Pohsanten orphanage. He and his wife look after around 25 kids for the time being. Their age ranges from 8 to 18 years old. Some of them are from unfortunate families in Bali, while the others are from another island in Indonesia such as Sumba.

We’ve donated 50 books in a box. Pak Ronny was very happy to receive them. When he browsed the box, he found some books about handcrafting. He’s very excited because the kids may learn some practical things out of these books. He thanked us a lot.

Well, his thank actually should go to the guests of Trip N Treat. Because of your support by booking a tour with us, we could donate these books to Pohsanten Orphanage. Thanks so much for your support, folks!

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