About Us

Trip N Treat (TnT) is a family-run business, based in Banyuwangi. It’s founded in October 2013 by Siswoyo (a.k.a. Sis) and Evie.

Early on TnT offered trips around Banyuwangi and Kawah Ijen. As TnT’s network is growing, the tour products of TnT are getting varied. You may discuss your trip plan around Indonesia with Sis. He's been to different places around Indonesia and would be happy to share his insights with you.

TnT’s guests are mostly couple and small groups of family or friends. One time or two in a year TnT organises trip for larger groups. The majority of TnT’s guests are from Singapore, followed by Western Europe countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain.

TnT was born as a means to support literacy programmes by developing school libraries in Indonesia. Since 2013, we've been allocating a part of our small profit to buy children books and to donate them to selected schools around Indonesia. TnT works with KupuBuku for this cause. You’re most welcome to support us, too!

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