Ijen Closed on First Fridays Every Month

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It starts in 2019. The authority of Ijen Crater decides to close this destination on first Fridays every month. By doing this, the nature might have a rest from human pressure. During the closure days, park rangers and volunteers are cleaning the path by picking up trash along the way. They walk up the hill and bring the trash down.


Ijen Closure Every Friday
Official announcement of Ijen Closure in 14 June 2019.


Ijen crater is closed for 24 hours from 00:00 to 23:59 every first Fridays. If you’re planning to visit Ijen and watch the blue flame, you can avoid arriving in Banyuwangi or Bondowoso at night of first Thursdays. For the rest of 2019, this will be: 1 Aug, 5 Sep, 3 Oct, 7 Nov, and 5 Dec. Our Banyuwangi Ijen Shared Tour also will not be available every first Fridays or the day after those afrementioned days.

Bromo Closed during Nyepi 2019

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Nyepi or the Silent Day is one of sacred days for Hinduism adherents in Indonesia. This day is similar to New Year. However, unlike ordinary New Year Eve that celebrated with party, Nyepi is celebrated by contemplating and silence.

It’s very common in Bali where the majority of inhabitants are Hinduism followers to celebrate Nyepi in silence. Public service, except vital ones such as hospital, security and fire fighters, are closed for one day. Airport is closed, too. No flights in and out during 24 hours. People are not allowed to go travelling. Lights from electricity must be kept not to illuminate outside house or building. No TV programmes. For one day, Bali might looks like a ghost island. Start with 2019, internet in Bali will be disconnected during Nyepi Day. This sounds very interesting for tranquility seekers.

Many Tenggerese, the local indigenous people in Bromo, are Hinduism adherents. This year, they would like to observe Nyepi as others in Bali. It means Bromo will be closed for 24 hours during Nyepi. According to the official announcement by the local authority of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Bromo will be closed from 7th of March 2019 at 5:00 AM to 8th of March 2019 at 05:00 AM. This year could be the first official day-off of sunrise tour in Bromo.

Bromo Closure
Official announcement of Bromo Closure during Nyepi Day 2019.

What if you’ve booked your Bromo sunrise tour in advance? Your agency should have contacted you about this matter. If you’re staying in Cemara Lawang, you could still see sunrise from the rim of Bromo massive caldera. Alternatively, you could stay a bit longer either in Malang or Banyuwangi for another tour such as visiting Ijen Crater.

Bye Bye Free Checked Baggage of Lion and Wings Air!

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Lion Air as the prominent low cost carrier airline in Indonesia announced a shocking news, just early on this year. They stopped offering free checked baggage! If you’re planning to fly from one destination to another around Indonesia with this airline, you should read this article.

In their official website, Lion Air announced that starting Tuesday, 8th January 2019, free baggage allowance of Lion Air and Wings Air are dispensed. Passengers of these two airlines, however, may order pre-paid baggage online. The airline company will issue a baggage voucher ranges from minimum 5kg to maximum 30kg. The prices are vary according to flight destination.

This policy may affect the cost of your travelling around Indonesia. If you’re intending to fly wither with Lion or Wings, please check the baggage cost in advance so you can get prepared in the airport. You may find the price list of Lion Air’s checked baggage here. For the price of checked baggage of Wings, you may find it here.