The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta


The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta

When we visited The Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta, we’re fascinated by the long history of this hotel. It was initially built as a private estate in 1918. Since then, the building changed hands a number of times. It used to be a pensioner hotel during Dutch era in Indonesia, then switched to Splendid Hotel. During Japanese period in Indonesia, the hotel changed its name to Yamato. After the Independence, it got a new name Merdeka. The last proprietor changed the name to Phoenix in 1993, with a hope that it would remain intact forever as the myth says the bird regenerates throughout eternity.

The 143 beautifully appointed guest rooms are reflecting the ambiance of bygone era wrapped in modern comfort facilities, enabling its occupant to celebrate a glorious past without losing the beauty of contemporary living.



Coffee Shop

Free Wi-Fi

Hot Shower

Gym & Spa


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