You Sign We Send

You Sign We Send

A survey conducted by the Indonesian National Library revealed only 0.14% school libraries in Indonesia got accredited in 2015. Meanwhile, as Katherine Paterson said, many children can’t get to a public library, and the only library they have is a school library.

At Trip n Treat, we believe that tourism industry can contribute something back to local communities beyond economic benefit. We decided to contribute something to support Indonesian school libraries development. By partnering with KupuBuku, Trip n Treat is supporting an initiative called You Sign We Send.

You are more than welcome to support or join in You Sign We Send. It works as easy as 123:

  1. You pre-order a package of books donation.
  2. On your arrival, you'll pay your order and sign the books.
  3. Trip n Treat and KupuBuku will send the signed books to our partner schools.

We’ll keep you informed the latest location of your books donation.

The books donation of You Sign We Send consists of following packages:

  • Librarian Booster (IDR 150,000)
    It contains 2 handbooks to help a school librarian processing library collection.
  • Happy Kids (IDR 150,000)
    Filled with 3-4 fiction books for children to raise their interest in reading.
  • Literate Teens (IDR 200,000)
    Filled with 3-4 fiction books for teenagers to nurture their imagination and reading habit.
  • Inspiring Teachers (IDR 250,000)
    Filled with 2-3 fiction or non-fiction books for teachers to update their knowledge.

Your support for this cause is really appreciated. Please fill out the form below to pre-order your books donation package:

You Sign We Send