Transport Service

Since most of our tours involve long-distance driving, Trip n Treat is happy to organise comfortable and reliable transport service for your holidays. Our land transport units are equipped with air-conditioner to keep you feel comfortable during overland trip under humid tropical climate.

Here are several types of transportation organised by Trip n Treat:


Standard TransportOur standard transport service is a city car with 3 seating rows. This type can accommodate up to 5 passengers + 1 driver. However, it is recommended to use this type of transport for 2 guests. Our team members (driver and tour guide) will be sitting in the front. You’ll be seated in the middle row and your luggage will be kept in the back row.

Our standard transport service consists of various brands such as Avanza (Toyota), Ertiga and Arena (Suzuki), Luxio (Daihatsu).


Innova InteriorIt is another type of city car with similar capacity, up to 5 passengers + driver. The interior is slightly spacious than the standard one. This type of transport is recommended for 3-4 guests. The rear seating row is foldable, so we can also keep your luggage here.

Our semi-deluxe transport service employs Innova (Toyota). It consumes more petrol than standard cars. That’s why it costs slightly expensive than standard ones.



Minibus in BaliThis type of transportation is suitable for small group, between 6 and 10 people. The maximum capacity of our minibus is for 12 people. Usually we arrange the rear seats for luggage in order to make it comfortable for up to 10 passengers. Our minibus is also known as Elf (Isuzu).


Big BusIt is suitable for a big group. Trip n Treat can organise medium or maximum bus for you. The medium bus has three capacities, i.e. 25, 29 and 30 seats. The maximum one has 43, 47 and 59 seats. Please note that a bus might not be able to access directly some destinations. For example, we can’t reach Cemara Lawang in Bromo with a bus. We have to park it in Sukapura bus parking area, then transferred to Cemara Lawang with local minibuses.

Jeep in Bromo

Jeep BromoTrip n Treat works with local jeep owners in Bromo to organise your transfer to the sunrise view point and the crater. A jeep in Bromo typically fits to 4-6 passengers. The seating position behind the driver has been modified. Two seats are located next to the window and make a space at the centre, so passengers will be sitting and facing to each other.

Klotok (Houseboat)

Klotok Tanjung PutingIt’s the primary means of transport to explore the Tanjung Puting National Park. Klotok in Tanjung Puting mostly consists of 2 levels. The upper level is a deck. It is set creatively to a multipurpose space for sleeping, dining and relaxing. The lower level is rest area of boat crew and kitchen. You may find a simple toilet at the rear. A klotok typically doesn’t have any cabin for passengers.